Fetchy FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

John Christensen, Co-Founder of Fetchy
July 25, 2023
5 min read

At Fetchy, we're all about positive vibes and staying fresh with our adjectives. We've gone through a lot of favorites - from delightful to satisfying to tenacious - but right now, we're all about transparency. That's because, for us, transparency is everything.

As a start-up, we've got a million things on our plate at any given moment, all of them important. But maintaining transparency is at the top of our list. We want you to know exactly who we are, what we're up to, and how we're doing it. It's just one way we're building Fetchy from the ground up, and we're excited to have you along for the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we missed anything, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

Q: What is Fetchy?

Fetchy is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform designed specifically for educators. We're a subscription service that provides unlimited monthly access. Fetchy can help educators save time, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of their work.

Q: Who is Fetchy for?

Fetchy is the perfect solution for all educators, encompassing everyone from administrators to classroom teachers in public or private schools, along with homeschooling parents.

Q: How Does Billing Work?

During your 7-day trial period, Fetchy is absolutely free to use, giving you the perfect opportunity to explore its features! Once your trial is over, Fetchy's subscription plan is just $10 per user, per month. With this subscription, you can access and use all of Fetchy's features. Our prices are set, and there are no additional charges. Plus, you can cancel anytime.

Q: Does My Subscription Automatically Renew?

Yes. Unless you cancel your subscription, it will automatically renew every month. Once canceled, your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing period. When your subscription expires, you won't be able to utilize our tools, access your saved work, or download any items. Of course, you can resubscribe at any time.

Q: What is the Cancellation Policy?

We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time.

Q: Does Fetchy Use Credits or Tokens?

Fetchy does not currently use a token system. We've made using Fetchy as straightforward as possible – so educators can confidently rely on our platform to generate the content they need, without worrying about confusing and restrictive limitations.

Q: Is Fetchy really unlimited content?

Yes! Once you are a subscriber, Fetchy gives you access to all of its tools without limitations for the lifetime of your active subscription. Use of our tools is subject to our Fair Use Policy.

Q: How often are new features added?

We work with leading educators to keep our library constantly growing, with new features being added all the time. If you have a suggestion, let us know!

Q: Which Devices Work With Fetchy and Is an App Needed?

Fetchy is compatible with all internet-connected devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. No app or download is necessary; simply visit www.fetchy.com on your preferred browser or device.

Q: Can I use Fetchy like Google Search?

Fetchy serves a different purpose compared to popular search engines like Google. While Google is for searching and retrieving information, Fetchy is for generating content. With Fetchy you can find educational inspiration, create resources, and communicate ideas through a range of formats.

Q: How is Fetchy Different Than ChatGPT?

Fetchy provides a user-friendly AI experience, empowering educators to generate results efficiently without the need to learn commands or prompts. Unlike ChatGPT, Fetchy is specifically designed for educational environments and focuses on supporting educators and their unique needs.

Q: How does Fetchy use my data?

Your data is private following our standard data protection policies.

Fetchy will not use your data to train our models unless you opt in to a request to share your data. Any information used to power Fetchy will be shared with our partners for the sole purpose of providing you with our features.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us - we look forward to working with you!

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