Paving a new path for education

We're on a mission to give education a push for the better. So we're rewriting the rules and reimagining how educators work.

Paving a new path for education

Empowering educators lies at the heart of our mission. That's why we're reimagining how education works.
Dashboard mockup

A company with heart

We created Fetchy to be different from other education companies.
Fetchy, Made by an Educator as a Gift for Educators

Made by an Educator

Fetchy was crafted by a teacher who understands the needs of peers.
Fetchy, AI with a teaching degree

AI with a teaching degree

Our AI is not average – it's specially schooled in all aspects of teaching.
Fetchy, Championing Our Heroes

Championing our heroes

We aim to be a loyal teaching sidekick, placing educators' needs above all.
Fetchy Founders: Paige and John

A message from our founders

Hi, we're the sibling team behind Fetchy.

We started this journey over three years ago, driven by our vision to empower educators and revolutionize education. Our user-friendly tools make work easier for teachers everywhere, and we're just getting started.

Try us for yourself. We can't wait to hear what you think!
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